Ceramic pressure sensor
 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
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Ceramic Pressure Sensor
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 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
һ HK Ceramic Pressure Sensor
       ceramic pressure sensor                                               Excellent  linearity   
extreme high stability
extreme low temperature drift
excellent linearity 
300% overload pressure
400% burst pressure.

Pressure range: 0.2~20 Mpa                              Operating temperature:-45~125 
Zero stability: 0.15%FS/Year                           Full-span output stability: 0.15%FS/Year
Overload pressure:  >300%FS                           Burst pressure:  >400%FS
Excitation voltage:5~30VDC                              Bridge resistance: 12K20%      
Sensitivity output: 2.5~4mV/V                           Zero output: 00.1mV/V  
Zero temperature coefficient :          0.001~ 0.015 %FS/(-25 ~ 125)
Full-Span temperature coefficient :       -0.001~ -0.015 %FS/(-25 ~ 125)
Bridge resistance temperature coefficient:    50PPM/-25~125
Accuracy 0.15%FS (linearityhysteresisrepeatability)

Note:The test result above is tested on regular temperature 25 if without special indication


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